Monday AM

It’s one of those tired Monday mornings after a very long, very full, but very fun weekend.  And, I didn’t even stay at the lock-in all night!  I could use a day off to compensate, but life just doesn’t happen that way.   I don’t drink coffee.  I’m not crazy about energy drinks.  Cold showers don’t improve my mood.  It’s one of those days where I could easily struggle to just get it over with.  I could dive into work headfirst trying to get a lot done despite not being on top of my game.  I could try to muscle and motivate my way through before I crash during the Colts-Texans game tonight.

Or, I could use one of the best Gifts that God has to offer, extra time with Jesus.  I could spend a little extra time reading the Bible.  I could take a few more minutes to pray.  I could spend a little more time with some good Christian music playing…and it might make all the difference.  Who knows, maybe I’ll have enough energy to stay up for Manning’s game winning TD drive too?  I’ll let you know how it goes…

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