Yes. Your vote matters!

Your vote might not matter to the person who you vote against, or the one you help bring to victory.  Your vote might be canceled out by mine, or your spouse, or your annoying neighbor.  Your vote might be only one among millions, but you vote does matter…to God.  He cares about what you think.  God cares about what you desire for your kids and grand kids.  God cares about how you feel today, whether giddy with a post election winning spirit, or filled with the post election blues.  God cares about you.  The Bible reminds us that God knows specific details about you that prove that He cares.  He knows your name  (Isaiah 43:1).  He knows where you live (Acts 17:26).  He knows what you need even before you ask for it (Romans 8:26).  He even knows something as insignificant as how many hairs are on your head (Matthew 10:30).  Your vote really does matter to someone…Jesus cares.

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