Play your position…

Today was the last day of our sons’ Fall Soccer season.    The biggest challenge for young kids to learn the game of soccer is to learn to play their own position instead of always chasing the ball all over the field.  If you watch very young kids you will see a pack of very tired kids gathered around the ball moving wherever it gets kicked.  As kids get older they learn to play defense, or offense, and even left or right sides of the field.  As a child learns to play his or her position on the soccer field they learn to rely on their teammates more, they learn to play together, and they even benefit from not having to be everywhere at once.

God would like his people to learn this lesson too in the Church.  In I Corinthians chapter 12 God reminds us that we are like that soccer team, and we would do well to remember to play our part.  Read I Cor 12:12-31 and think about what part you get to play.  How can you rely on your teammates?  Where can we learn to better play together?  And, what benefit might Messiah Lutheran Church and the community around us find when we all play our individual parts, together?

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One Response to Play your position…

  1. kat says:

    I really like this idea of ‘play your own position’ & not waste energy watching what all the others are doing. Thanks !

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