Preparing for the Harvest

The boys are standing next to their hand made “Hugelkultur” which is a raised bed made from piling dirt on top of rotting wood. It’s a great way to compost those pesky sticks and logs, and helps to keep the garden bed nice and moist as the rotten wood acts as a sponge retaining moisture deep into the summer.
This bed will be planted with strawberries next spring. Strawberries need to grow for a year and be continually pruned for an entire growing season without harvesting any fruit so that in the second year the fruit supply is abundant. That means we won’t actually be eating any fruit from this bed for another year and a half. That’s a lot of work for kids to do without getting an immediate reward.
How many other things in life are like that? Lots of work, but no immediate rewards. Witnessing the Joy of Jesus to a friend can often be like that. You may work the soil, plant seeds, water, and weed, and wait years before any fruit is growing. Keep at it though because we know how great that fruit will be when it appears!

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