Just add Music

Dry.  Tasteless.  Unappealing.  Inedible.  If these words describe your personal devotion life?  Just add music.

Sometimes the daily routine of Bible reading and prayer can feel like a dehydrated meal to us.  When we engage our intellect but don’t go deeper and reach our heart on a regular basis our devotional lives can become dry and God’s Word might even seem tasteless.  When this happens on a regular basis we would do well to rehydrate the process, and add a little music.  Music has the power to touch the depths of who we are as God’s people.  Martin Luther said that “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”

Use this treasure in your devotional life to engage another side of your brain, to reach your heart, and to enliven your daily time with Jesus.  Each week I will post one of my favorite pieces of music that I use for personal or family devotions.  Please leave comments about them, and feel free to share your favorites as well!  Together we can help to keep our devotional lives hydrated!

Here is a song with great lyrics and links to hear it played in two different styles.  “In Christ Alone.”

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One Response to Just add Music

  1. david says:

    not “Dry. Tasteless. Unappealing. Inedible”, but sometimes a chore, sometimes hurried, and sometimes I forget that it’s a devotion! It’s good to stop and reflect on why daily devotions are important, and also to give thanks for them. The music is a good added dimension. I’ll have to appreciate that more.

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