In the middle of chaos…PEACE!

Christmas music was blaring on the speakers.  One aisle over two kids were fighting over who got to sit in the cart.  A guy was shouting on his cell phone about which type of milk he was supposed to buy.  Christmas lights were blinking.  Announcements were being made about bargain sales at the front of the store.  The sound of ringing bells occasionally drifted in from an open doorway.  It was your typical holiday weekend chaos at the grocery store; yet in the middle of it all stood a young mother wearing her baby in a carrier, and the baby was……sleeping.  Sleeping quietly as if nothing was happening around her at all.  It was the perfect picture of PEACE.

The biblical picture of peace is not the absence of stress, chaos, turmoil, or warfare.  Instead, peace is the presence of Jesus with us right there in the midst of utter chaos.  During this hectic and busy Holiday season many families are at odds, employees are stressed, men and women are away from their families fighting hidden enemies in unknown places, individuals battle past addictions, present fears, and future worries.  In the middle of it all you can still have peace.  You’ll find it in Jesus.

Read more about the Prince of Peace in a prophecy written about Jesus 700 years before his birth in Isaiah 9:1-7

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One Response to In the middle of chaos…PEACE!

  1. Kathryn Jones says:

    Peace sounds really good right now. I’ve been trying to stop and remember what the Season is really about when I get caught up in the craziness.

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