Your source for Abundant Life…

The Green Christmas tree sitting in the corner of the living room is a healthy reminder of the need for refreshment, nourishment, and a good source of LIFE.  Weeks ago it was growing on a remote and beautiful hillside full of vigor and connected to its source of life.  Today it looks beautiful, but in all reality is dying.  We’re doing our best to keep it watered and maintain its green appearance; but we all know that in a matter of a couple of more weeks the tree will be dry, brittle, and dead.  Cut off from its source of life this tree is on borrowed time.

To paraphrase a favorite song line from days gone very far past:  “Friends and neighbors hear me out! This could happen to you!”  (Bonus points for anyone who can identify the song)

Stay connected to your source for LIFE!  Jesus has come to bring abundant life (John 10)!  Stay connected to him.  He creates the abundant life in you.  He nourishes you with his word (Matthew 4:4).  He refreshes you in your Baptism (Psalm 51)  Jesus creates abundant life in you.  (John 15)

Stay connected to Jesus for LIFE!

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