Make room for new

Turning the Calendar to a new year always brings with it an opportunity to reflect on our lives, our goals, and our priorities.  I often think about adding some new and positive habit or routine to my life in order to make me into a more complete person.  Regular trips to the gym?  Learn a new language?  Brush off the old instrument and start practicing again?  Extend devotional time with Jesus?

The problem for many people isn’t choosing which one to do.  I could easily narrow down my list to include only my top priority goals to accomplish for 2011.  The problem is figuring out WHEN to do it!  I’m overscheduled as it is and wonder where I could fit a daily trip to the gym into my already full schedule.  If you are like me the trick isn’t figuring out what I am STARTING, but what I need to STOP doing in order to make room.

If you want to add a new piece to your routine, even if it is a positive and beneficial goal like daily Bible Reading, or more regular volunteer time at the local food bank, you probably need to look at your life and find something else to cut out in order to make time.  What needs to STOP so you can START doing something more beneficial?

Here are some tips that might help you find out which thing (s) to STOP so you can get a better START.  In no particular order:

~ Is anything in your current schedule drawing you away from Jesus?  STOP it.

~Is anything drawing you away from other important relationships?

~Is anything purely self-centered?

~Has an activity run its course or ceased to fulfill its purpose?

~Is anything hindering a healthy life for you or others?

A quick look at your daily routine might allow you to find something to STOP so you can make a new START in 2011.

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