What’s for lunch?

“What’s for lunch, dad?”  This question along with, “What’s for supper?” and “What’s for breakfast?”  are very common in my home.  I have three healthy and growing boys who consume a large amount of food on a regular basis.  Often the lunch question happens within minutes of finishing their breakfast, or even while they’re still eating their breakfast.  As the saying goes, “They don’t eat to live, they live to eat.”

Today as one of the kids asked me “Dad, What’s for lunch?” I was struck by the reality that one who can ask such a question is extremely blessed.  Wealthy would be an apt term to use of a child who goes through his day thinking about the multitude of choices that might be available at his or her next meal.  In many parts of the world, and yes, even in homes in the United States, children don’t ask “What’s for lunch?”  Instead they ask, “Will there be lunch today?”  Or, “Will there be enough for all of us to eat lunch today?”

While I don’t usually consider myself as “wealthy” by United States standards I am aware that by world standards we are blessed beyond comprehension.  The only time I go to bed hungry is when I need to fast for a blood test the following day.  The only time I eat food that I don’t care for is when I am invited to someone else’s home and they serve something I don’t like.  Otherwise, I eat my fill every day, and I eat what I want.  I never understood the whole Esau selling his birthright for a pot of stew story in Genesis 25 because I honestly have never been starving before.  I’m not sure I’ve ever really been hungry either.  I’m guessing that real hunger comes when you don’t have anything to eat AND you don’t know where or when your next meal is.

This kind of abundant blessing is something not to be taken for granted.  As I’ve thought about my son asking me, “Dad, What’s for lunch?” I realize there are four things that I want to live out in my own life and also teach them to do:

1.  REFLECT on God’s abundant blessings, and hold all things in perspective.

2.  GIVE THANKS to God for His gifts.

3.  HAVE COMPASSION for those who have little or none.

4.  SHARE.


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