Someone to Share With

Our congregation serves the community by providing a preschool for 2-5 year olds.  Each week one of my “jobs” is to visit with the kids for Bible Time.  I share Bible stories and tell the kids over and over again just how much Jesus loves them.  This week I brought in my stuffed sheep and my shepherd’s staff and we talked about Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Their eyes lit up as we imagined how a shepherd feeds his lambs, that he protects them from wolves, and how he cares for each one by name.  The Good Shepherd is a pretty well known metaphor for me, and like most well known things, can become a bit old and boring.  Not this week as I shared with these little ones about how Jesus is their Good Shepherd.  They were excited, interested, and joyful as they listened and experienced life as a shepherd by bandaging the wounded lambs.

Their excitement gave ME excitement in what could have been an old and overdone moment for me.  Does the Bible ever feel old and a bit boring to you?  Find someone to share it with.  Find someone who might not know all the great accounts of faith, and ask if you can read together.  You just might interest someone else in Jesus, and get a little excited again yourself.

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