Paying attention to the details…

I was reminded about the importance of details as I pumped gas into my car yesterday.  I pride myself in wasting as little time as possible at trivial tasks like pumping gas so I can get to the more important things in life.  In lightening fashion I slid my card, hit the regular gas button (which was green) and grabbed the pump to my right (which also happened to be green).  The nozzle wouldn’t go into my gas tank.  I kept trying, but it wouldn’t fit.  After a few attempts I knew my record setting time was not going to be made and I looked back at the pump to see a second nozzle waiting for me.  I had accidentally picked up the diesel pump instead of the unleaded one.  I would have filled my tank and potentially ruined my car because of a poorly color coded contraption!  It was an easy mistake, at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I thank God for the genius who made the diesel nozzle a different size than my gas tank entrance.  In my haste to get in and out quick I accidentally grabbed the wrong hose.  Fortunately someone else had paid attention and knew that a fool like me could make a simple mistake that could cost thousands.  That little detail saved me time, money, and lots of grief.  While it probably won’t keep me from trying to rush through my time at the gas station, for me it has highlighted the necessity of details.

It reminds me of the verse that tells us that we have a God who cares about all the details…even the hairs on your head are numbered.  When you are talking about where the decimal goes in your retirement accounts, whether you should choose A or C on your S.A.T. when every question feels like a million pounds of pressure, or when your doctor is trying to get out every single cell of cancer those details really make a difference.  Fortunately we have a God who cares about those details in your life.  He’s not happy with having about 100 sheep, He counts each and every last one.  Jesus is paying attention to your details!

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