A nation grieves…

There is no “normal” length of time for grief.  There is no such thing as, “You should be over this by now.”  In fact, when horrific acts occur, one might better say that we’ll never be the same…there is no “getting over it.”

The United States knows this.  It’s been 10 years, but feels like only 10 months, but sometimes 10 decades.  I’m back to Sunday afternoon football, but still look nervously at the sky when a plane feels too close.  I can’t get through the national anthem without tearing up.  I look with new found honor at young men and women who dedicate their lives to being ready to act when the moment arrives.  I regret not serving for my country…what can I do today to make a difference?  I feel guilty for looking forward to my kids soccer game as I know there are many kids who lost their dads that day.  I cry out for “fair” and “just,” but don’t think there is such a thing apart from God.

In worship today we’ll remember.  We’ll thank.  We’ll cry out.  We’ll confess.  We’ll share.  We’ll love, encourage, and support…but those are the things we do to try to make sense of the senseless.  In worship today God will speak.  God will forgive.  God will wash.  God will listen.  God will Love.  So that we can get through it.  Through 9-11.  Through sickness.  Through fear.  Through pain.  Through sorrow.  Through death.  To Abundant Life.

Only by the work of Jesus can one get through it.  Whatever “it” may be for you.  Today “it” is the same for all in the USA, and there is no “getting over it.”  There is getting through it with Jesus, but not over it.  As they say, “we will never forget.”

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