Step by step…

The Jordan River was at flood stage. Fast moving water and dangerous undercurrents prevented an easy crossing. The people of Israel stood on the East side of the River, and the Promised Land awaited them on the West. God told them that the time was right, and that the men in the front of the people were to step into this raging river before He would act.
At times God asks us to step out in faith trusting that He will respond in action. It must have been a scary step into the water knowing that it could be your last. The swift current could pull you down and drag you miles down the river, or even under and to your death. Step in first. Then God acts.
Obedience to God’s command to cross leans on trust. They had to trust that God knows what He is doing, and will indeed act in a powerful way to get them across safely. That trust is built on past experience. Just 40 years earlier the people of Israel stood on the edge of the water wondering if they were about to die, and Moses was asked to raise His staff in obedience to God’s direction. The waters piled up on either side of the Red Sea and the people walked across on dry land.
Now it was their turn. Stepping into the water, trusting in God, and being obedient to His direction the waters immediately piled up downstream and they walked across on dry ground. All it took was a step of faith that was firmly based on God past actions.
God has already done amazing things for His people that are recorded in the Scriptures. He has a trustworthy track record. Most importantly He has shown us victory over all things through the resurrection of Jesus! This proves that He is worthy of our trust, and our obedience. Where is God calling you to step out in faith? Take that step on the firm ground of trust! He is trustworthy, and He will act!

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