Seven habits…#1 Prayer

I really appreciate that by looking at prayer as a habit of highly effective evangelical people it takes the power away from ME and my evangelistic technique and puts it all into the hands of GOD who desires that all people be saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth. 

 Many of us have the tendency to believe that our abilities make one an effective evangelist, but by putting prayer first we’re reminded that it’s all out of our hands.  Some of us think that we can win others to Jesus through fancy rhetoric, or the newest theological apps, or the best rational arguments, or persistent persuasion, or some other neat technique.  Sometimes we think it’s about learning the latest strategy that works today.  Highly effective evangelists don’t rely on any of these.  They rely on God through prayer.

 Join me in praying today for all our family and friends who are far from Jesus.  Forget about discovering the latest evangelistic fad and winsome argument.  Instead, rely on God.  Let’s get praying!

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