The Second habit of highly effective evangelical people is…

#2  They have a theology that compels them to evangelize. They believe in the urgency of the gospel message. They believe that Christ is the only way of salvation. They believe that anyone without Christ is doomed for a literal hell.

This one is definitely true for people in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  We believe what the Bible says about heaven and hell, and know that there is only limited time to share Jesus.  However, do we LIVE like we BELIEVE it?

If I believe that crisco makes the best pie crusts, but only ever use butter to bake with you’ll start to wonder what I really think, won’t you?  If I believe that heaven and hell are real, and that all my friends who don’t know Jesus are in trouble for eternity, but I never say anything to them about Jesus you might begin to question what I believe, won’t you?

This week I’m going to dig into some theology books to see what our Church really does say about this topic, and also look at some reasons why it’s a really hard line to hold in today’s world.  Will you join me in digging deeper to study whether or not our theology compels us to share Jesus?

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One Response to The Second habit of highly effective evangelical people is…

  1. davidb027 says:

    this is a good/hard question to struggle with. Let us know what you are reading and help us to open our mouths and love our friends and neighbors.

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