Saving Valentines

Dave Ramsey is teaching me to live like no one else so later I can GIVE like no one else…that means Valentine’s Day comes on the 15th for my family! That’s right, one day late, but RIGHT ON TIME!

Why? Because all the candy is 50% off at the local Big Box Stores! Think of that! When all the rest of society was shelling out full price for pink and white candy, heart shaped peanut butter cups, and other sweet indulgences I’ve been planning my Feb 15th trip to the store.

This year a Feb 15th Love fest is especially great since it’s on a Friday! It’s my day off and there’s no school in the morning to prohibit the kids staying up late on a big sugar rush. Why not be a little patient, wait the extra day, and really enjoy our time together as a family? Add cheap candy to the mix and we’re sharing love and dumping debt at the same time!

Take that extra cash and hit a debt, sock it away for a big purchase, or give a little extra love offering to your favorite charity…little changes can make for big differences, even if it means delaying gratification for 24 hours.

(Shhhh….don’t tell anyone, but this works for ALL the big holidays too! A Cadbury Egg tastes just as good on Monday as it does Easter morning. Give it a try!)

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