Presidents’ Day = Prayer Day!

Half the country wishes you were someone else. They question every move you make, and pay attention to things like how many times you play golf in the course of the year, how many trips your family takes, and if your wife got a new dress or not. The other half of the country thinks you’re the right guy, but places incredible expectations on your shoulders. Solve the financial crisis, keep everyone safe, find the key to world peace. If you were the President of the United States you’d be asking for prayers too!

No matter which side of the aisle we sit on, we must admit that the President is in a difficult position. Whether we love his policies or hate them we have an opinion on them. As Christians our #1 job is to pray for him on a daily basis. Romans chapter 13 makes the call clear to each of us. Don’t let your love for the guy or disgust for the guy get in the way of your duty to support him in prayer! In fact the more you love, or the more you dislike, the more prayer is needed!

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