Every time a horrific event like the Boston Marathon bombing happens in front of us we want to do SOMETHING to help.  When Hurricane Sandy hit there were more phone calls from people looking to help and donate than there were phone calls from people looking for help and support in our sister Churches in the NY area.  When Sandy Hook elementary school was attacked the response was incredible.  I heard a report that the Red Cross didn’t have enough blood donation spots available to take blood from willing donors yesterday in the immediate aftermath in Boston.  People hear of horrible events and jump to the ready to DO SOMETHING!

Often we hear people lamenting over the fact that for one reason or another they “can’t do more” to help.  I write today to encourage you that there are plenty of things that you CAN do to help.  In the immediate aftermath of such events they feel small and insignificant, but in reality are vitally important actions that really do accomplish exactly what we hope to accomplish after such emotionally trying times.

Here are Four things that you can do to DO SOMETHING:

Hug somebody.  Healthy physical contact is the opposite of bombs and terror.  Using our hands in healthy ways to love creates a new reality in our broken world.  Everyone who heard the news of these events needed a good hug yesterday and will again frequently over the next bit of time as we recover.  Create a new reality.  Hug somebody.

Connect with somebody.  Call your friends and family to check in and see how they’re doing.  Building the fabric of humanity through positive interactions is the opposite of igniting explosive devices in a crowded city street.  Create a better reality through healthy personal interaction by using these wonderful technologies we have like phones, computers, and legs to walk around the neighborhood to see how everyone is doing.  Connect with somebody.

Eat, drink, and rest well.  It’s easy to get caught up in the news and see hours fly by waiting to hear about the latest events of the day.  Helping others cope with such events can leave you missing out on the important job of taking good care of yourself.  If you’re not in good condition you might miss a chance to help out in a time of need.  Take good care of yourself so you can help care for others.  Eat well.  Drink enough fluids.  Get enough sleep.

Pray.  Need I say more?  Yes, I need to.  Many feel like prayer is first on the list of things that we can do that feel like I’m not doing anything.  I mean sitting on my chair talking in my head?  Does that help anyone?  It depends with whom you are speaking.  If you are praying to God through His Son, Jesus, than your words are more than effective!  His Word is filled with promises that prayer is not a weak and ineffectual activity, but an important work that carries power.  Our world needs your prayers today as much as ever.  Pray!

Want to do SOMETHING?  Try these out.  At first glance they may seem like you’re not doing much, but in reality they help to create a new reality in our world.  Healthy physical contact fights abuse.  Healthy personal connections fight against the separation of sinful humanity.  Healthy bodies allow for the ability to care for people in need.  Prayer puts life into perspective.  All we have, need, and are is given from the hand of God because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Let’s create a new reality in our world today shaped by these important actions!

What else can we do?  Add your ideas to this list in the comment section below…

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