Something Better…

God must have something better!  That was the message from our School Board Chairperson as she shared the news of closing our Preschool after this year.  God must have something better!

I LOVE that voice of faith, and the reminder that in ALL THINGS God is working for good (Romans 8).   When we stand at the end of something that was great it can be hard to imagine that God might have something better in mind.  It’s easy to whine, complain, and despair that an important part of our ministry has come to an end.  However, the message of the leadership in our congregation has been to continue to look to God to provide, and look forward in faith that He’s got something even better ahead!

That voice of faith sounds a lot like the voices of faith that call out in the Bible.  God’s people look into the face of sadness and trust that God must have something better!  David looked across the battlefield and saw a giant and army that brought fear to the strongest fighters in Israel.  Their end was near, except that David lived by faith and his voice asked for a sling and some smooth stones.

Daniel looked into the pit filled with hungry lions and the three faithful Israelites looked into the firey furnace as well.  The end was surely near for all of them, yet they lived by faith and called to God to save them.

Mary and Martha wept at their brother’s graveside.  It was the end of an era in the life of their family, and they grieved with happy memories and time together and sadness that the future would be different.  Mary and Martha lived by faith and called for Jesus to come and bring comfort and peace.  He brought New Life!

All of these people of faith faced challenges that would bring most people to their knees.  All of these also lived by faith and called out to God with the voice of faith that trusts that God would have something better for them.

As we come to the end of the preschool ministry at Messiah we do so with many happy memories, but sadness as well.  In the face of this challenge the voice of faith shared at Messiah by our faithful leaders is to look to God to see what He has in mind for our future.  How will we transition from one great ministry to another?  What will it look like?  What shifts will be necessary?  When will it get started?  We’ve got many questions, but we move forward with the promise of God to bring Good out of our sorrow.

Many thanks to Mary J. and the school board for sharing the news of an end with the voice of faith that looks to the future!  It’s just what I needed to hear!

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