Picture Perfect?

I downloaded a new app today called “runpee.com.”  It describes itself in this way:  “I’m the app that tells you the best times to run and pee during a movie without missing anything…”

This is an important app.  You’re halfway through the Jumbo soda re-fill and Frodo is heading into Lothlorien to meet with Galadriel.  It’s the PERFECT time for a restroom break, but you don’t know that without this app.  And, how many Goober fish can Jar-Jar and the Jedi’s outrun in the center of Naboo before we get the point?  Every movie has its weak moments that can be missed, right?

We’ve got a lot to learn from this app.  To put it simply, if Hollywood makes movies that are not perfect, than maybe we can stop trying to be so perfect ourselves.  In fact, we’d be better off to realize that we all have moments when we’re not at our best.  We should quit trying to be perfect.

That’s right, I said it.  Quit trying to be perfect.  Quit needing to be perfect to be happy with yourself.  Quit trying to be perfect to please someone else (boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parent, boss, best friend, neighbor, facebook friend, etc.)  The only one who deserves our perfection is God, and He loves you anyway.

Quit trying to be perfect on your own, and look to Him to fill those movie moments of your life that are boring, slow, ugly, gross, immature, and unpleasant.  If millions of dollars and digital editing can’t make the perfect movie you can stop trying to make the perfect you.  Jesus will take care of that in the end.

In the mean time Man of Steel and The Butler have a combined 21 minutes worth of pee time…use it wisely.



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