December 1: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Advent is a time for preparation.  We get ready for the Christmas celebration through confession and absolution.  We prepare our hearts by prayer and meditation.  We gather for extra worship to counter the secular busyness of our frantic holiday lives.  We prepare our homes, hearts, and lives for the celebration!

Advent devotionals are common tools for the Church to help in their preparation.  This year I invite you to meditate with me throughout the 24 days of Advent.  This Advent devotion is a little different than others you might have used in the past.  Each day I will share a link to one of my favorite pieces of Christmas music and a short thought to consider.  Feel free to share your reactions in the comment section of the blog.  And, feel free to add any prayer requests that would like to share.

Please check back for a new carol and devotional thought each day!  Here’s the first:

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

             The haunting melody of O Come, O Come Emmanuel paired with the heartfelt prayer for Jesus to come fills the Advent season with the a sense that all is not right in the world, but that in Jesus we can find salvation.

The refrain cries out in joyful anticipation:  “Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Emmanuel shall come to thee O Israel.”  Emmanuel means ‘God with us.’  It reminds us that Christmas is not just another birthday celebration, but the celebration of God coming to be part of humanity to redeem us from our sins.  All is not right in the world, but in Jesus it will be made right once again!

What’s wrong in your world today?  Look to Jesus to make it right.  He is God with YOU!

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