December 3: 12 Days of Christmas

 The 12 Days of Christmas

It’s Giving Tuesday!  Somebody somewhere came up with this day as an essential counter to the self-gratifying consumer-centric Black Friday-Cyber Monday celebrations of greed.  It’s good for me to give, and why not find a day to celebrate the basic idea of making someone else better by sharing the gifts you’ve been given by God?

In honor of Giving Tuesday here is one of the best giving Christmas Carols of all: The Twelve Days of Christmas.  There are many great renditions including the Muppets complete with Miss Piggy’s overly dramatic Five Golden Rings, but this version from Roger Whitaker is my favorite.  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you look to make Giving Tuesday a blessing for someone else.  Maybe a gift for Messiah’s upcoming Feeding Children Everywhere food packing event would work?  You can donate here:  Feeding Children Everywhere: Jan 25, Lynnfield, MA.

Giving generously actually helps me counter the ME-centeredness of my life.  It changes my perspective.  It focuses my attention on someone other than me.  It helps me to live out a thankful life in response to Jesus, the greatest gift ever given to me!  Give today!  Give tomorrow!  Give generously!

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