December 4: Little Drummer Boy

Giving was so much fun yesterday I thought we’d continue the theme again today!   Here are TWO versions of Little Drummer Boy for your listening pleasure.  Jars of Clay offers an alternative feel while Pentatonix sings the hottest Carol going in 2013.  

The roots of bringing gifts at Christmas run deep.  Santa Claus is a late comer on the gift giving scene.  The original gift givers were the Wisemen of Matthew chapter 2.  Read about them here:  Matthew 2:1-11

Giving gifts was a basic part of their worship.  It continues to be an essential part of our worship today.  Unfortunately the offering in many congregations feels more like an intermission than part of the main event.  The sermon is over and the Lord’s Supper is about ready to be served.  In between do we really need a stretch break? 

Consider your giving as an essential part of your worship life.  In giving to God you show your trust in His Fatherly divine goodness and mercy.  Giving to God places Him in the position of honor in your heart and life.  Give today!  Give tomorrow!  Give generously!

And, in case you missed it, you can give to support an incredible Food Packing event @ MLC in January.

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