December 6: Some Children See Him

Some Children See Him

Close your eyes and picture the baby Jesus lying in His manger bed.  What does He look like?  Or, better yet, WHO does He look like?  In our day of instant facebook uploads it is hard to imagine a baby being born without a birth picture available to dissect and determine whose nose He has and which side of the family he most resembles.  Jesus is true God begotten of the Father from eternity, and true man, born of the virgin Mary.  His divinity was hidden in His humanity so that human eyes see a baby, but eyes of Faith see the savior.

Children (and adults!) around the world today are getting ready to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Some children see him with curly black hair, others with blonde hair and blue eyes, and some with yellow or reddish toned skin.  They’re all correct!  They’re correct because Jesus came for ALL!  Through one man sin came into the world, but thanks be to God, through one baby comes salvation for all people.

The day after we said goodbye to Nelson Mandela we get to hear a Christmas Carol about kids of all colors united by faith in Jesus.  Skin color has no effect on our salvation.  Jesus came for ALL!

As we prepare to celebrate the fact that Jesus came as a baby in Bethlehem we also look forward to the day He will come again.  Just as those Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in that manger in Bethlehem, the prophecies speaking toward His second coming will be fulfilled.  Then everyone will recognize Him!  Philippians 2:5-11 directs our attention to this amazing truth that the baby born in insignificant little Bethlehem will come again and everyone will recognize Him as the King!

Today we all see Jesus through our own eyes of faith, but someday soon we’ll see that it’s not that Jesus looks like us, but that we all get to look like Him!

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