December 7: What Child Is This?

I laughed the first time I heard that Andrea Boccelli and Mary J Blige were going to sing a duet.  Could there be two more opposite and mismatched artists?  Boccelli, the famous Italian opera singer, and Blige, the R&B/Hip Hop star are contrasting talents to say the least.

Then I heard the song:  What Child Is This?  It’s genius!  Two opposites are brought together to sing a song about two opposites coming together!  What Child Is This is a commentary on the fact that in Jesus we see the meeting of several paradoxes.  God and man are united in Jesus!  A virgin gives birth!   The King of the Universe is born a peasant!  Life comes through the cross!

What an amazing combination.  God and me.  That’s the most amazing thing about the coming of Jesus, isn’t it?  He chose to unite Himself with ME!  What an odd combination it is!

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