December 8: Joy to the World

Joy to the World

This week we’re all going to need a little joy.  We’re entering 52 weeks since the horrific events at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT.  December 14th will be marked by the stories of near misses, the accounts of brave teachers and first responders, and the gut-wrenching feelings of emptiness and loss.  What kind of world do we live in anyway?

It’s a world filled with sins and ever-growing sorrows where thorns and curses infest the good.    Into this world comes the King who rules with truth and grace.  The one who counters hate with love, sin with forgiveness, and death with life.  Joy is found in Jesus alone.

Isaac Watts wrote this Christmas Classic based on Psalm 98 for a different time of year.  He wrote it for the end of the Church year when the Church looks forward to the Second coming of Jesus.  It’s a hymn of praise to the One who will come to overturn all the sin and death and bring about a new creation.  Graves will be opened!  Children will rise!  Jesus will reign for eternity!

During this week we’re all going to need a little joy.  It’s not about covering up the sorrows and pain, but looking forward to a better future.  A future filled with the wonders of Jesus’ Love!

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