December 9: O Holy Night

O Holy Night

          The big note!  Hit it, and it’s divine!  Miss it, and it sticks out to everyone.   I feel like that about much of my life.  There are key moments when I have the opportunity to really do something well and make a difference, but often come up a little short.  I feel like my weaknesses stick out and are obvious to everyone around me. 

Paul says it best in Romans 3:23-24.  We all have shortcomings.  We all need a savior.  Christmas is the celebration of the Holy Night when perfect Jesus came into our imperfect world.  He hit all the right notes for you!

The build up to Christmas often feels like the building momentum in this classic Christmas carol, O Holy Night.  We know the big note is coming, and we’re cringing at the thought of missing it in front of everyone.  Will the house be clean enough for your mother-in-law?  Will the present be good enough for your spouse?  How will our family look in the Christmas photo and card we send out to all the family and friends?  For many, the Christmas season highlights our weaknesses and shortcomings.  Like missing the big note we feel like everyone can see what’s wrong with us.  The Holiday season can make us feel like our issues are on display for all to see.

They are!  But, instead of focusing on our weaknesses this Christmas, let’s use them to point to our Savior?  This Christmas can be an opportunity to display TWO important facts.  1) We all have our issues that need forgiving, but more importantly 2) We have a perfect Savior, Jesus!  This Christmas can be an opportunity to celebrate that we don’t have to be perfect to be loved by God.  He already loves us.  He already knows our weaknesses and sends Jesus to save us.  Everyone has weaknesses.  Let’s make sure everyone has a Savior!

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