December 16: Once in Royal David’s City

Once in Royal David’s City

The pure voice of a young soloist singing that opening verse makes me think of the special joy that kids bring to Christmas.  There’s no silent night when kids are gearing up for the big day.  Giggles and whispers coming from the bedroom are filled with excitement and wonder as they anticipate the coming morning.

Somehow we lose that wonder and excitement as we age.  Christmas can become routine or even a burden for many people.  Christmas might mean more work, longer hours, less sleep, more aggravation, and less joy.  When that happens kids can help us recapture the joy and excitement that Christmas deserves.  Adult imaginations can be reawakened as they watch a child engage in a joyful Christmas experience.

If you don’t have a child in your life to teach you about the joy of Christmas, you might just need to find some new eyes to look into the manger this year.  A person who has never heard the Christmas story but peers into the Word seeing angels, shepherds, wise men, and God incarnate will react like a little child.  New faith carries that same awe and wonder, and could awaken a renewed spark in your heart this Christmas.

If you’re missing some joy and excitement for Christmas try sharing your Holiday with a child, or with a person who is new to Christianity.  Both will help you view Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes with excitement and wonder.

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