December 20: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Hark!  Peanuts Christmas Version

Hark! Amy Grant

Hark!  Webster’s dictionary says Hark means to listen carefully to.  It’s a great word to begin this excellent Christmas Carol.  There is a lot to listen to, but no line is more important than this one from the first verse:  God and sinner reconciled.  It’s the purpose of Christmas made known.  Jesus was sent into this world to re-unite people with God.

Go back to Genesis 3 when sin enters the world and you’ll see that sin brought broken relationships.  Adam and Eve pointed fingers at each other.  Humanity’s relationship with the world was no longer filled with ease.  Adam and Eve were not even comfortable with themselves any longer as they hid their nakedness.  The last broken relationship could be the worst, Adam and Eve hid from God as He came to walk with them in the Garden.  Sin had broken their relationship with God.

In Christmas we see God healing that broken relationship.  God and sinner reconciled!  No longer do we need to fear God.  We don’t need to hide from him when He comes walking in this world.  The gap between you and God is gone as Jesus takes on human flesh.  Listen carefully to these Words!  You are at peace with God through Jesus!

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