December 21: From Heaven Above to Earth I Come

From Heaven Above to Earth I Come (An organ arrangement: 12 min, but worth the listen)

From Heaven Above to Earth I Come (Orchestral arrangement: 2:20)

Luther’s words come to life with this traditional German Carol tune.  Here is a link to read all 15 verses.  You can see the whole Christmas account explained there.  My favorite verse is #13 which carries one of Luther’s essential teachings on Christmas:

Christmas happens every year when Jesus is born in my heart.  Maybe we should say Christmas can happen every day!  Whenever I hear the Word and believe that Jesus is born for me, Christmas happens.  In a year when the Christmas season feels extra short from a late Thanksgiving and we’re already at the last few days of the celebration it’s good to remember that Christmas can continue by Faith.

Other verses express some very cool theology as well.  Verse 8 demonstrates Luther’s idea of the great exchange.  “You came to share my misery, That You might share Your joy with me.”  Jesus gets my bad stuff, and I get his good stuff.  No Santa’s black coal in your stocking this year.  Jesus gets the coal.  You get the JOY!

And, verse 9 wonders at the marvelous incarnation, that God would become flesh!  “Ah, Lord, though You created all, How weak You are, so poor and small.”  Ponder on that one for a while.  The God who created everything, is now a part of the creation.   We live by Faith!

To take it one step further connecting verses 8, 9, and 13: The God who created everything became part of the creation so that He could take on your sin, and dwell in your heart!  See how Luther does that?  He builds the Christmas account so that it leads, by faith, right into your heart.  God’s ultimate plans are directed toward you, His child.  (He does the same thing in His explanations of the Apostles’ Creed in the Small Catechism by funneling down the entire work of salvation to “ME.”  How awesome is that?)

And, that leads to the final verses, the Joy of Jesus leaping from our hearts in praise and song: Glory to God in highest heav’n!  May our Christmas be rooted in the Word of God, born in our hearts again, and leading us to praise His name in all the earth!

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