December 24: Christmas Eve

Silent Night

Romans 8:28  God brings light out of the darkness!  Good from bad.  Whole from broken!  That’s the message of Christmas.  It’s not presents, food, or even family.  Those are all very nice things, but don’t let them fool you into being content at Christmas.  Real Christmas contentment comes from knowing that God brings Salvation from a manger.

The story behind Silent Night is a wonderful example of how a bad situation can be made into good.  The church organ was broken, and the musicians got to work writing a piece of music for the guitar.  What transpired has turned out to be one of the most influential pieces of music for the Church across the world.  Congregations around the world will gather and sing “All is calm, All is bright” because of a broken organ.

God does that all the time.  He takes broken things and makes GOOD happen.  It’s not that the broken isn’t really broken, it is.  Things might be really bad, really hard, and really broken; but God loves to work through those situations to bring about Good.

The First Christmas was one of those situations too.  No room.  No family support.  Only a cold dark night in the barn.  From that manger God brings LIFE.  This Christmas, when things feel broken and hard, and you’re having trouble sleeping at night look into the manger and remember that God works for Good in ALL things.  Maybe you’ll be able to sleep in heavenly peace too!

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