Why a Comfort Dog? They’re HIGHLY trained…

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a dog guy. All the crotch sniffing, annoying midnight barks, dog-doo on my lawn, and wet dog smell? Really? I don’t know how anybody puts up with that.

Then I met the LCC Comfort Dogs. It’s like they’re not even really dogs. They don’t sniff you to say hello. They don’t chase squirrels. They don’t bark. They’re highly trained, and when those vests are on they’re at work! They’re better behaved than most kids I know, and in all the days I’ve spent with these dogs not one time did a Golden Nose shove its way into my privates. That’s saying something!

The training program these dogs go through is rigorous and multifaceted. They are trained on the level of a service dog. They could get your underwear out of the drawer for you, but only if you told them too. They are trained like the dogs you see helping people who live with various handicaps. They’re amazingly well trained. They’re also exposed to all sorts of different setting so they don’t freak out when they see something new. They do escalators, air planes, farms, parks, kids’ parties, and crowds without a problem. Like I said, no barking, no sniffing, no “dog” behavior! It’s amazing!

The dogs are trained to be a comfort to people in need.  They know how to approach someone in a wheel chair or bed.  They know how to relax with children, and don’t judge people based on race, age, class, or gender.  They are highly trained in order to bring comfort in a variety of situations.  This type of training will allow safety, trust, and a good relationship with the communities that we visit. We’re happy that Lutheran Church Charities has started this ministry and provides these dogs to congregations like ours that want to add a dog to our team. All this comes with a hefty price tag, so please go to our fundraising site and be generous!


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