Why a Comfort Dog? The ministry is working…

We’re not going into this experience blind. We’re not adding a dog to our ministry because we think it’s a cute gimmick that will draw attention. We’re not looking for advertising potential. We’re looking to bring the Comfort of Jesus, and these dogs do just that. We’ve looked at how the Comfort Dog ministry has been used across the country over the past several years, and we’re confident that it’s working.

The Comfort Dog vision began in the midst of sorrow on the campus of Northern Illinois University after one of the horrific school shootings that seem to have plagued our country recently. A couple of trained dogs known to the Lutheran Church Charities staff were brought in to be with students on the campus to help them process. They were invited back. This is the usual reaction to the Comfort Dogs in areas of the worst devastation. They are invited back.

We first came to know the Comfort Dogs personally through their work at Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT. Who knows what to do in response to that tragic event? A Comfort Dog does. People recognize that, and invite them back. Day after day Maggie Comfort Dog continues to be welcomed into the public school system in Newtown because of her work in those first days when few people really knew what to do except the dogs.

We saw them even closer up in Boston where crowds of people returned to find the dogs whenever they were in town. Grown adults curled up on the sidewalk to get some comfort and pray with the handlers. In Boston!

We’ve been following dogs on facebook, talking with handlers, and discussing how to do ministry with a dog with Rich and Dona Martin and the Comfort Dog leaders at Lutheran Church Charities. We’re confident that the ministry works.

We’re confident that this ministry is working, and we’re excited to use it in our area just as successfully as the ministry is being used in towns all across the United States. We need your help to make it happen. Please click here to help.

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