Why a Comfort Dog? They know what to do…

There are times when I don’t know what to do or say. Oh, I know the right answer is always Jesus. I was trained theologically by some of the best Lutheran minds in the world so I know the answers to a lot of questions. However, there are times when answers are not to be given. There are times when it’s best not to lecture. There are plenty of times when I just don’t know what would be best.

I’m thinking of Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus and the conversation he has with Mary and Martha. There is some teaching going on, but in the end Jesus does something remarkable. He cries with them. He didn’t rush to take away their pain, solve their problem, and make their issues go away. He wept.

We see that living the faith isn’t just a rational exercise of getting the answers right. In fact, if we have the right answer, but apply it incorrectly we’re just as wrong, right? There are times when my mind knows the right answer, but the timing is all wrong. Times when I shouldn’t be band-aiding with Bible verses and Christian platitudes. There are times when it’s best to be present and shed some tears with a person in pain. The time for talking will come, but we can sometimes be too quick to speak.

The Comfort Dogs know this, or at least were created in such a way that they naturally DO this. No lectures. No right answers. No quizzes. Just unconditional love through their presence.

It’s 24 hours after Newtown’s horrific shooting. It’s 36 hours after runners had their legs blown off by a terrorist’s bomb. It’s two days after a devastating tornado wiped away an entire block, and people are just getting to OK to go back and find their belongings scattered across the county. Do you have all the answers?

The time for words will come, and because you were there with the presence of a Comfort Dog you’ll get to share them. Help us make this vision happen.  Support us here!

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2 Responses to Why a Comfort Dog? They know what to do…

  1. Nancy Borders says:

    Pastor, I am thoroughly enjoying On the Journey as our church prepares for our own Comfort Dog.  Your posts are thought-provoking and helpful for me.  I was wondering if you could give us (Trinity Lutheran Church, Toledo, OH) permission to reprint some of these in our monthly church newsletter and also to put a link on our church website.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words.

    In His service, Nancy Borders (future Top Dog!)

    • pastorpekari says:

      Please share, Nancy! Let us know how we can help as you progress toward a dog of your own. Click the “Sign me up” button on the right side to get e-mail updates when I post a new article too…God’s Blessings!

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