Why a Comfort Dog? They help me do my job better…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m an introvert. I’m not just a little introverted. I’m not in any middle ground. I’m about a 19/20 on the scale when I take those inventories. You pick the word and I’m it: shy, reserved, quiet, hard to read, aloof, weird, etc. I’ve been called them all. It’s not totally my fault either. I’m wired this way by my Creator. I must have been wired this way for a reason. (Maybe I’ll write some more someday about ministry by/for/through introverts, but today is really about the Comfort Dog)

For me the challenge of being introverted has to do with finding a reason to talk to someone. A quiet guy like me doesn’t usually approach someone on the street for a chat unless there is a clear reason. Every conversation for an introvert needs a purpose. Small talk is not our gig especially with people we don’t know. Give me a reason to talk, and I’ll do it. It’s not that I can’t talk to people, or even that I’m not interested in talking to people. It’s that I like to know that my conversation serves a purpose otherwise it really feels forced.

This makes evangelism a little tricky for a quiet guy like me. Generally the conversation needs to build from some kind of common ground to an opportunity to share Jesus. Having a clear reason to start a conversation can make it easier for an introvert to take the first step. Comfort Dogs make great conversation starters! And their purpose in bringing Comfort makes a nice transition to our ultimate purpose of sharing God’s love in Jesus. Thanks for helping me do my job better Comfort Dogs! (Btw, I hear Comfort Dogs can help my extroverted friends slow down and be better listeners too, but I’ll let them speak for themselves)

Please help us start conversations that lead to Jesus. Here’s the link.

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One Response to Why a Comfort Dog? They help me do my job better…

  1. Kat says:

    I hear you ! Very often I feel the same way. I mostly listen to other people talk about themselves, which is a good thing. People need an in-depth listener ! We introverts serve a valued purpose.

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