I believe in God…and people too!

We confess that our belief in God is not limited to a vertical relationship, but also includes a horizontal dimension relating to human relationships. The Creed is a document designed to describe God, yet it points out the fact that God is not the only one that matters in living out our faith.

Read Luther’s explanation to the First Article on creation. A spouse and children are listed as created gifts by God for support in this life. For human relationships it is our duty to thank and praise God.   It’s not just about me and God, but about me and my family too!

Even more clearly is the Third article which names the Holy Christian Church and the Communion of Saints. The message is that we’re not in this alone! God has created the Church and put us into human relationships in which we live out our faith in this world. It’s not just me and God, but me and God and the entire Body of Christ!

There is great comfort and joy to be found when we lift our eyes off our own faith walk to see others walking alongside us. There is support, encouragement, and strength to be found in the human relationships that God has gifted us with in this world. Family and the Church are blessings by God that enhance our life and faith.

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