12/2: There was no room in the inn

The Holiday Season is one of bigger, better, best. We want our stockings stuffed, our stomachs full, and our presents even bigger and better than last year. The cry goes out, “This is going to be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!” as the kids see the pile of presents teetering precariously next to the tree. It’s bigger, and shinier, and fancier, and tech-ier, and I’m making up words to outdo last years words so that we’ve got a chance of surpassing the previous Best Christmas Ever.

Unfortunately all that stuffing, wrapping, and filling comes with its own consequences. Eat too many candy canes and you end up with gut rot. Spend too much money and you end up with Christmas regret. In 6 months your cutting edge tablet is going to be replaced by version 2.0q and you’re going to be wondering if it was all worth it anyway.

The more stuff we try to squeeze into Christmas, the less space we’ve got for what really matters: Jesus. Would Jesus find room in your home this Christmas? Self-control will enable us to say no to things that get in the way of saying yes to Jesus. The ability to say no is an important gift from God. Do you really need to string up another thousand lights outside? I know. It’s not a real light display unless it can be seen from space, right?

Much of the extra stuff we try to squeeze into Christmas is done to offer some type of satisfaction. All of it will leave us feeling empty soon after. A week after Christmas the fancy new toys are now used, the champagne bottles are now empty, the cookies are all stale, the adorable Christmas sweater didn’t fit, and you’re still paying interest for all of it on your credit card. None of the stuff we fill our lives with can compare to the satisfaction that comes from knowing Jesus and His love. Saying no to excess can help. Give the gift of self-control to your family. Give it to yourself. Make room for Jesus.

It turns out that Self-control can be a real blessing from God. Say no to that fifth glass of eggnog! You’ll thank yourself later.

Dear Jesus, make room in my heart for You. This Christmas help me to say no to things that only offer temporary fullness. Help me find satisfaction in You.  Amen.

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