12/4 Gentle as a baby

Gentle Mary laid her child, Lowly in a manger                                                      There He lay the Undefiled, To the world a stranger                                              Such a babe in such a place, Can He be the Savior?                                                       Ask the saved of all the race, Who have found His favor

The opening verse of “Gentle Mary Laid Her Child” asks a profound question: Can He be the Savior? Can this little baby be the savior of the world?

One might think that to save the world you would need to do so with great power and might. One might expect a warrior, a heavily jeweld ruler, or at the very least a charismatic leader. But, a BABY? Can He be the Savior?

Once again we’re struck with the fact that God acts in ways we would never act. Human nature wants to puff out its chest and throw around its weight. Notice the way situations like Ferguson, MO and the Middle East are handled today. How would they be different if people tried gentleness instead of warfare and violence? Maybe this world needs a leader who comes still, quiet, and humble; gentle like a baby instead of so many who try to win for themselves with their strength.

By faith you’ll answer the question that the Carol asks because it takes faith to see that God could do anything important with a baby, especially something as spectaular as saving the world. And, that’s just what he does. If we want to see our world changed today, maybe a little more gentleness needs to be in the works.

Dear Jesus, you defeated sin, death, and the power of the devil with the greatest power there is, love. Not with swords, or silver or gold, but with your precious blood and innocent suffering and death you saved us. Give us gentle hearts to bring Your salvation to the world today. Amen.

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