12/7 The secret to faithfulness?

Paul and Verna are a dear couple from my congregation who are coming up on a wedding anniversary this week. Most anniversaries are remarkable when you pass a zero or a five at the end, but they deserve a mention in this devotion even though the second number is a 6 this year. It happens to be the same as the first number in their years of marriage. 66. I’ll type that again just so you know it is no typo. 66.

They’ve been married for sixty-six years. That is faithfulness. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet a couple who have spent this amount of time together and ask them their “secret.” Paul and Verna have a secret. His name is Jesus. They believe in forgiveness, and trust, and faithfulness. They get those things from Jesus, and they give those things to each other.

My wife and I just passed our 16th anniversary last summer. That means we could be married for FIFTY more years and we’d just tie Paul and Verna. I don’t know if we’ll be blessed to survive another 50 years, but if we do, we’ll also need the gift of faithfulness.

Want to see the Fruit of the Spirit? Look into the hearts and lives of people around you who believe in Jesus. He’s their secret. He’s their faithfulness.

Dear Jesus, thank you for the faithful witness of your people who display the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. Help us to follow their examples today. Amen.

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