12/11 Good from the inside out

Goodness is a quality that shows itself from the inside out. It can be seen externally, but roots itself in the heart of the individual who possesses it. In other words, it’s a quality that can be present no matter what else might be going on all around.

A person might be in a bad situation, but still be filled with goodness. One can be lying in a hospital bed, or in a foxhole in the middle of a battle, or in any other bad situation and still be characterized with goodness. Doing so allows the person to make a difference in the world. Instead of letting the world shape us, God uses us to shape the world.

All of the Fruit of the Spirit work in this way. Our lives are not dependent upon the circumstances of life happening around us, but on the Truth contained within us. God’s Spirit, given in Baptism, is stronger than the events of the world outside of us. Yes, we live in a world filled with bad, but that cannot limit the power of the Spirit to work Good inside of each of us.

One of the greatest lies that the devil tells is that we have no power over the world around us. He wants us to believe that we’re victims of circumstance and have no power to do anything else. If you’re in a bad situation he wants you to believe that there can be no good. If you’re in the midst of a war he wants you to believe there can be no peace. He wants you to feel powerless and incapable of seeing any change in your life.

The reality, however, is that the world around us doesn’t make us who we are. The problem you face today cannot change you. Your identity is not based on circumstance. You are who you are regardless of what’s going on around you. You are who you are in Jesus!

Dear Jesus, we live in a hard and broken world. Fill us with goodness, and strengthen our identity in You. Amen.

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One Response to 12/11 Good from the inside out

  1. davidb027 says:

    Thanks for making this connection between the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ and my identity as a ‘Child of God’. +Peace+

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