12/14 Watching and Waiting

I just spent about 20 min waiting to see a Meteor. My neck was craned in the direction of Castor and Pollux, the twins from whom the name of the meteor shower is coined, The Geminids. The sky was clear and the googled information led me to believe that we would be in for quite a show tonight. About 100 meteors per hour is the max tonight if the sky cooperates and you’ve got little light pollution.

Even knowing what was coming I wasn’t quite sure when my oldest said, “There’s one!” I missed it because I was texting my friends to see if they’ve seen any yet. Obviously my patience was waning. I was getting antsy, and my neck was sore. When would the shower begin? When would I see the beauty of a piece of space rock burning through our atmosphere and leaving a fleeting trail before my eyes?

There! Or, was it? Did my eyes play a trick on me? Or, was there really a meteor there?   When you’re looking for something so intently, and waiting for it to arrive sometimes your eyes will play tricks on you. Sometimes you lose patience and just go inside giving up because the wait was too long or the pain too much to endure holding still staring into the night sky. My neck really hurts.

God’s people had been waiting for 400 years from the time of the last prophetic words to the days the angels came to speak words of promise and hope to Joseph and Mary. They had been waiting so intently, looking to the sky for some kind of sign. Now that it was here, would they believe their eyes, or chalk it up to their imagination? Would their patient waiting work out, or would they give up and lose hope for good?

The Christmas account is one of patience. Four hundred years of waiting for Israel. 9 months of waiting for Mary. A lifetime of waiting for Anna and Simeon.   Nervous waiting for Herod. Watching and waiting for Joseph. All that waiting, and it was all worth it! The Messiah was born! Right in front of their eyes they were seeing God in the flesh. His promises were being fulfilled right before their eyes.

Tonight as I gazed into the East I couldn’t help but think of the Wise Men who saw the star in the East and went to worship Jesus. I only had to wait 20 minutes to see my meteor, and it was worth it. Someday I’m also going to see Jesus, face to face, and worship Him. I can’t wait!

O Lord, your put the stars in the heavens and count off days and nights by the sun and moon. You control all things including the perfect timing of your gifts. Give us patience as we await His coming. Amen.

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