12/16 Timing is everything!

“When the fullness of time came God sent his son, born of a woman…” Galatians 4:4

This incredible verse reminds us that God’s timing is ALWAYS right. He waited for the exact right time to send Jesus. It wasn’t a moment too early, or too late. It was exactly the right time. This is hard to imagine because it wasn’t according to OUR timing. We would have sent Jesus much earlier, wouldn’t we?

Patience is not just about waiting, but about waiting on God. Patience is about humbly admitting that God’s time is always right. Patience is about letting go of the ability and desire to move things along at MY speed, and wait for God to move at HIS speed. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.

Christmas came at exactly the right time. It was the day of the Pax Romana, the Peace of Rome that enabled the news of Jesus’ birth to spread quickly across the known world. A common language and monetary system matched up with a time of peace and an efficient system of roadways so that news could spread easily across the world. It was the PERFECT time for Jesus to come.   Jesus went viral before going viral was even a thing because God had it all planned out perfectly.

God has your life planned out perfectly too. Acts chapter 17 talks of the way that God has chosen the exact time and place that you are living so that you could grow to know His love. You are no accident and your presence here today is by design. You might be waiting for something significant to occur in your life today. Be assured that it will all happen according to HIS plan, and it will be perfectly times as usual!

Dear Lord, you control to hours and minutes of our lives. As we wait for your hand to act, give us patience and trust. Amen.

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