12/18 Needed: People of Peace

Sony cancels movie due to terror threat. Heroin deaths are at epidemic rate in Massachusetts (in wealthy/Caucasian/suburbs). 65% of homes with children in US are on government aid programs. 148 killed in school attack by Taliban in Pakistan. Local teen commits suicide.

These are just a few of the headlines that we’re getting accustomed to. What do they all have in common? They point to a lack of PEACE. The Fruit of the Spirit is Peace, and our world needs it in abundance!

Peace isn’t something that can be forced upon someone. It can’t just be dumped into the world. It comes a little at a time. It comes person by person as it is shared. It comes by one person acting toward another in ways that promote calm, trust, love, and compassion instead of fear, anger, hate, and violence. Peace comes through people. One person at a time. People bring peace by living out the Spirit’s work inside them publicly. Peace is a gift that you can bring to others, by taking what’s inside you and LIVING it.

Maybe you’ve heard this phrase before? No Jesus No Peace. KNOW Jesus KNOW Peace. I’d like to add to it: KNOW Jesus LIVE Peace. To know Jesus is to be a person of peace. The world needs you to live OUT the peace that you have inside you. It may be your neighbor, or a coworker, or a relative, or friend that needs peace (in fact they ALL do). If you know Jesus and have that peace, then live it OUT so that others can find peace too. We all need it!

Dear Jesus, you alone put peace in our hearts. Help us to live as people of peace. Amen.

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