12/19 Finding Peace

The challenge with peace is that it replicas can be found in so many places. You can be going though a very chaotic time in your life and be looking for Peace, but only find peace. (Notice the capital and lower-case letters!) Real Peace comes from Jesus. Paul says it is a Peace that passes all understanding. It’s a Peace that doesn’t make sense. Life is so nuts all around, yet you are calm, focused, whole, at Peace.

The challenge for us is not allowing ourselves to fall for the lower case peace that only provide comfort and rest for a little while. You and I need Peace that lasts. You and I need Peace that can face a war and stand strong. We don’t need any counterfeit peaces.

You can find counterfeits all around. Some people find peace in getting away for a short vacation. Some find peace in a relaxing bath and a nice glass of wine. Some find peace in a long winter’s nap curled up on the couch by the fire. Some people find peace when the family goes out for a snowball fight and they stay inside all alone. Some people find peace in a good book, or a therapy session with their counselor, or a good cup of coffee at their favorite shop, or in online shopping, or a spa treatment and massage. There is peace to be found in many places, and it’s not all bad stuff either. These are not real Peace though. They only last a moment. Peace lasts for eternity.

The problem is when we substitute these little pieces of peace with the Peace of Jesus. Don’t miss PEACE because you’re busy with peace. Don’t miss Jesus because you’re asleep on the couch with a good book on your chest and a half drank mug of hot chocolate on the coffee table. Don’t fall for the counterfeit peaces that give temporary relief from your stressful life. Fall for Jesus! He brings Peace.

Dear Jesus, I need your Peace. Fill me today. Amen.

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