12/21 Joy in Jesus!

Today homes are filled with excitement, beautifully wrapped presents, and freshly baked cookies. There is a sense of wonder in the air. There is a feeling of happiness. But, is there JOY?

The way to tell is to wait a week or two. Does the unwrapped present that just sort of matches what you were hoping for still give you that excitement? Do the stale cookie crumbs left in the bottom of the Tupperware give you the same satisfaction and want for more? Does being around the in-laws still carry the happiness it did when they first got out of the car? Does the scratched dvd, or the broken toy, or the stained sweater leave you frustrated?

Many of the things we invest in for Christmas are, unfortunately, things that bring very temporary pleasure, but not lasting JOY. If your Joy comes from anything besides Jesus it won’t last and you will be disappointed. Basements and closets are filled with broken artifacts of Christmas’s past, but Jesus can fill you with JOY forever!

This Christmas, keep JOY in perspective. JOY rooted in Jesus. Find it in Him!

Dear Jesus, I misplace the source of my Joy every year. Please help me find Joy wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in the manger. Amen.


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