12/22 Joy in Jesus

Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit. Like all others, that means its source is God not me. Mary experienced this truth in her life as she responded to the Angel’s message in Luke 1:46-48. “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior…”

The root her Mary’s Joy is God. She doesn’t find joy in herself. It’s not about looking deeper inside, or trying to find the silver lining in any situation. It’s about finding out where God is at work in her life, and rejoicing in Him.

I find it interesting that JOY is her response. She just found out that she’s going to be a single mother, unwed, ostracized, and even potentially punished for this. She’s going to have a baby and all that entails. She’s likely to respond in fear, or doubt, or anger, or anxiety, or concern, or any number of reactions. Mary sees God at work and rejoices. What an example of faith for us!

Are there things in life that you are facing that make you anxious, fearful, and doubting? What would change in your heart if you looked for God’s activity? Where might you be able to see Him at work in your life? Where might you be able to be moved to Joy because of God’s work?

If joy was based on your own attitude and ability it would be hard to create, but it’s not. It’s rooted in Jesus’ work for you. His love. His life. His death and resurrection. His birth for you. All of these move us to rejoice!

O Lord, you are at work in our lives today. Help me find Joy in you! Amen.

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