2/20 Framing my prayerful thoughts…

Another great prayer that can be used as a framework for your own thoughts is the Lord’s Prayer. It is a rich and thorough prayer that covers most of the thoughts you and I would ever want or need to share with God. I love that the Lord’s prayer begins with God and moves toward us. Take some time during Lent to pray through the Lord’s prayer one petition at a time and then fill in your own prayers at the appropriate place. Feel free to use Luther’s explanations to feed your prayer too. His words can spark even more ideas as you kneel before God seeking His will and His kingdom to come in your life.

The Lord’s prayer creates space for many prayers even things that seem inconsequential like a good deal on a washing machine (petition 4: give us this day our daily bread) and protection from ice dam leaks in your home (petition 7: deliver us from evil).  Bring it all to Jesus, He loves to hear from you!

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