3/12 Relationships restored

Relationships are destroyed by sin. We saw it in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve started the finger pointing and the blaming. And, it didn’t just break their relationship, but also their relationship with God. They hid from Him, and when confronted Adam blamed God for the woman that HE created. Sin gets in between people and breaks them apart. Sin destroys relationships.

The Good Shepherd restores relationships. Psalm 23 reminds us that we are like sheep. Sheep is a plural term even when it’s singular. Sheep are flock animals that are meant to live together. A single sheep is a sad and lonely creature. They were created to be among other sheep. When the shepherd restores the sheep, he also restores the entire flock. Relationships are healed. Enemies are changed into friends. Sin is removed and people are brought back together.

The cross demonstrates this restoration. The vertical beam reminds us that we’re made one with God. There is no more separation after the Temple curtain was torn in two. The horizontal beam shows that our human relationships can be healed. Jesus’ death and resurrection restores relationships.

Sin separates, but the Good Shepherd brings us back together. When the sin is forgiven there is nothing left to break us apart. Celebrate every chance to forgive and restore!

Dear Jesus, you forgive sin and restore relationships, thank you! Amen.

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