Galatians 4:4 (Day 36/50)

“When the time had fully come, God sent his son…” Galatians 4:4

They say that timing is everything. It’s true in sports. A batter swinging a moment early fouls off the pitch. Swing too late and you miss everything. Swing right at the exact moment and the ball can travel over the fence for a home run.

Financial experts would agree. Buy low. Sell high. Miss the market by a day and you’ll lose lots. Most experts would tell you that it’s really hard to time the market, and really shouldn’t even be tried. It’s hard to get the timing perfect.

Driving a car is often about timing. How many “just misses” have you experienced? Those moments when you just miss a collision are all about timing. Hit the brakes too slow and you’re in the trunk of the car in front of you. Timing is important.

Marriage can be a matter of finding the right timing too. Two people meet at a bar and fall in love. What if their paths didn’t cross that evening? What if the guy was 20 minutes too late and they never bumped into each other? Or, what if they meet, but are too late to develop a relationship because he just agreed to a new job out of state? It could have been a great relationship, but the timing was off.

Timing is everything. That’s true of our salvation too. At just the right time, God sent Jesus. At exactly the right time Jesus came into this world, lived, died, rose, and ascended. And, at exactly the right time He’s going to come back.

Some days God’s timing feels off. His answers to prayer can seem slow. He’s pushing me to change faster than I’m ready. He calls people home too soon. In all of these it’s important to remember that God’s timing is always best, and right. God’s timing is everything.

Dear God, thank you for timing it right! Amen.

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