Joy at home. Ephesians 6

Ephesians 6

The Gospel of Jesus shapes our entire life. There is no piece of life that the Gospel can’t reach with GOOD NEWS. The forgiveness I receive from Jesus gives me JOY that reaches into many places. That JOY reaches into my wallet and changes my attitude toward giving. That JOY reaches into my refrigerator as I celebrate the gifts of my heavenly Father every day. That JOY reaches into my google calendar as I plan my daily schedule. That JOY reaches into my living room where I spend time with my family.

The Good News of the Gospel reaches into my whole life, and my life as a parent is no exception. Many people in our world today see parenting as a burden or a chore. Because of Jesus I see parenting as a blessing. What JOY to be able to raise children to know that they are loved, and forgiven, and have a future directed by God!

Paul’s direction to the church doesn’t stop at worship or evangelism. It goes all the way into the home; around the kitchen table, in the living room, and bedrooms. The Good News shapes our entire lives and makes a difference in how we relate to each other as children and parents. Let that JOY shape your relationships at home!

Dear Jesus, Thank you for family, help us to live together in JOY. Amen.

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